Monday, 6 October 2014

Selfish Sewing Week Sept 2014 - Some Shorts

So can we pretend it hasn't been 7 months since I last posted something!  Terrible, but lets just say I had writers block and move on.

I have however been making stuff, so I'll start from what I have made most recently, and work my way backwards to March :-)

Selfish Sewing Week was from Sept 22nd to 28th this time, and I actually got something made! Since it is Spring here in the southern hemisphere rather than Autumn, I decided to make a pair of shorts!
I just have to spend a wee bit of time here self-congratulating because the bottom half of my body is not my favourite part.  What with having child bearing hips and having used them to bear a child, in addition to a solid pair of understandings and a(n) (un)healthy muffin top where I once had quite a nice waist, well it all adds up to uggh/bleh/too hard!

Anyway, I was inspired by Jenny to make a pair of Maritime Shorts

Sew details:
Pattern: Maritime Shorts
Fabric: I can't remember where I got this fabric, probably Spotlight, but it is a lovely cotton drill was the perfect weight for these shorts.  The lining fabric was a cotton left over from a wee dress I made for a friend of zbl's, of which I still have lots, which is great cos I love it :-)  The zip was a 6" one I found at Darn Cheap Fabrics.
Other stuff: Well, what did I learn from these shorts. Firstly, it is really important to measure yourself correctly. I was a bit haphazard in this obviously.  I measured and cut out a size 14. Now consulting Mr Google, I find a US size 14 is an Aus size 18 - even I know I'm not that big!  I think next time (because there will be a next time), I will cut out a US 10, but with a 14 length - I am very long on the waist to crotch - hence further pants issues as mentioned above!

So aside from having to take in fabric at the side (a little), front (a bit more) and back (a lot!), these sewed up very easily and quite quickly.  One or two of the sewing steps around the zipper attachment were not 100% clear to me, so I just went with what I thought was right and they seemed to work out ok!

I have yet to wear these "out", but I did spend the afternoon in them after the photo shoot (mwahaha, if you can call it that, more like - how awkward can I look, please don't take pictures of my head, where should I put my arms etc :-)).

I have many other things to share, so I will work backwards to get them onto this site :-)


ps, I really need to learn how to put my pictures on here in a nicer way - something to learn this week.


  1. I was looking through old comments on my blog and saw that you'd said you'd made these. They look awesome! I love the fabric on both inside and out. I hope you've had lots of chances to wear yours out these Summer, I've been enjoying wearing both my pairs :)

    1. Jenny, I was so looking forward to wearing these, but I have gone and changed shape (in a good way) and now they are too small, I'll have to save them for summer next year, and make myself a bigger pair.