Hi, I'm Wendy,
I am currently a stay at home mum to one (the mostly lovely zbl), partner to tl and we live in Melbourne at the moment altho we are Kiwi's.

In my pre-baby life I was a food technologist, which means I could take an idea, make it on a lab bench or in a kitchen and then make it in a factory, ready for everyone to buy it in the shops.  I might get back to this one day, or I might do something else.

I love to cook, sew, knit and generally create.  I am an avid blog reader and decided rather than just looking at all the beautiful things other people are creating, I should get away from the screen and do it myself.

This blog is to help motivate me by documenting my achievements, no matter how small.

Enough faffing, off to create (or go to bed!)

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