Monday, 21 October 2013

And so it begins....

I decided I needed to start a blog to kick start my motivation to craft (sew, knit, do something more with my hands).  I don't need a motivation to cook, I have one already, it's called my stomach!

Regardless, it worked, that and having a reason to sew - tl's birthday (on Sunday he is turning old - ie as old as me!)

So/sew in the last week I have made two pairs of pj pants - I made him a pair a couple of years ago, which he loves and often takes with him when he travels (bless) - so I used the same pattern Simplicity 5329.
Last time it was a bit wide, and a bit long in the body, did I remember this, no of course not, and in fact one of the pairs may be a bit short in the leg (ankle grazers - hot!). What I am hoping will come from this blogging business is a better appreciation for thinking about these things before hand! Regardless, hopefully he loves them as much as the old pair :-) So here they are:

Please excuse my toes at the bottom, I might also get better at composing photos!
So details (and I am going to totally copy the lovely Sophie in the format here as it suits my love of lists):
Pattern: Simplicity 5329
Fabrics: Both from Spotlight - the one on the left is a lightweight cotton jersey knit, and the one on the right is a medium weight cotton drill which I am hoping will soften with much washing.
Other stuff: This is a very easy and quick pattern to sew up (as it says on the packet). As I mentioned the body length (above the crotch) is very long, which is a good thing as the legs are a bit short (I think) for a tall person like tl particularly when I forget this and don't lengthen the legs! He might just have a pair of poo pants - hot!  The legs are also very wide, which I did remember, so cut a size medium rather than large like last time (I think it was large last time based on the size the pattern was cut out at), hopefully they fit :-S

Also, a copy of something I saw at the South Melbourne market - upjujing (a technical term) a plain t-shirt with a wee trim on the armband.

Since I am now posting this after the event, I can say that all the clothes were well received. He hasn't tried on the pj pants so I'm not sure of the fit, but the t-shirt was worn yesterday and his brother made mention of it, asking if he had bought it at the South Melbourne market - tick!

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